The Next Group Zoom meeting is the AGM 16/11 - 8pm

The next Worsley Swim is 30/10.. 3-30 - 6.30pm

Please note the new time.

The next Wigton Swim is scheduled for the

13th November. 1-3 pm

£5.60 pp - Tel. 01697 342412.

Current BN Membership Numbers

Nationally 9277

North West region 1632

Homepage updated 22/10 @ 22.13

The Spectrum Swim is now fully operational - we hope to arrange a group visit.

The entrance fee is just £5 per person to Outreach club members.

Non - members may attend via an advance request.

We aim to provide our members and guests with more accessible events regularly - enabling all genuine Naturists to participate.

Should you require a Membership application Form

email: naturistoutreach@gmail.com

There is a small annual fee. £12 for singles / £18 for couples.