Rules and Regulations of the N&W Naturist Outreach Group.

1) Membership of British Naturism is not compulsory to obtain membership of this group, but we would strongly recommend it.

2) It is requested that you read a copy of any issued ‘Risk Assessment’ prior to attending an event when applicable.

3) Meetings will be held via video conference calls on a monthly basis and they will also be open to members of British Naturism who are not members of the group, by request.

4) The club membership fees are payable in full before November 30th for the following calendar year.

5) The mobile phone group messaging service will be available to Club members only.

6) When attending events members are expected to comply with the rules of the hosting club, or organisation, and respect any instructions from the group leader where applicable.

7) The Club will have three administrators a)Chair b)Secretary c)Treasurer- all to be elected at the AGM. There can be only one officer / administrator in each household.

8) The club AGM would be held annually in October with only members admitted. The Agenda for the AGM would be posted at least 10 days before the AGM – with motions, written or by email, accepted up to 20 days before the AGM.

9) If 5 or more members request an extraordinary general meeting stating the criteria in writing or email, then this must be accommodated within 28 days.

10) Misbehaviour. If any member is behaving in a manner that brings the Group into disrepute, then the Administrators will be have the authority to discipline the said member(s) appropriately, including expulsion from the Group. Expelled members can appeal to the AGM, subject to giving notice in writing or by email, at least 20days before the meeting.

11) The Treasurer shall keep proper records, and keep the committee and members informed about the financial state of the club.

12) If the Club reaches a position where it is not in a viable position to continue operating and it has to be dissolved, then any remaining funds will be donated to British Naturism.

13) A suitable website with a domain name will be maintained by a volunteer member.